Online-office for file sharing and documents

150GB NVMe

GARMTECH offers an easy-to-use online office with a user-friendly interface that is similar to a standard office (maximum compatibility with MS Office formats) and includes:

- collaboration documents;

- joint editing of text files;

- preview PDF files, images, text files;

- securely communicate with business partners using audio, video and chat;

- e-mail client

- and much more.

Expand the functionality of your online office with 100 FREE apps, and install a FREE mobile app for every employee (for Windows, Linux, macOS, and also available on Google Play and the App Store).

Connect using mobile devices, PC or web interface.  To order a service, please contact us. 

Business Process Management Office Suite for Medium Enterprises

500GB NVMe

Employees of your company often have to work on documents together. To optimize this work, there is an excellent solution: an online office, where each employee can connect from any device (for Windows, Linux, macOS, and is also available on Google Play and the App Store). GARMTECH online office differs from similar solutions in that we do not limit the number of users. The cost of the service depends on the space used and can flexibly change according to the development of your projects.

Your competitors are already using this solution and are already saving on licenses for each employee and paying only for the used space. The price at GARMTECH will be several times lower than the purchase of licenses for office programs for each employee.  To order a service, please contact us. 

We configure an online office for you

1 - 5000 GB NVMe

You would like to use an online office and you know how much space your files take up. Write us and we will help you configure your online office and offer you the best price on the market.

You will save on licenses for each employee by migrating from DropBox or Google Drive, as we offer an online office for an unlimited number of employees. Our monthly price will be several times lower. Fill out the contact form and our manager will contact you within 1 hour.  To order a service, please contact us.

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