Web interface appearance

The web interface is easy to understand and use on both PC and mobile devices.  GARMTECH web interface is implemented in a traditional style, similar to all known - Gmail, Yandex, Mail.ru, etc.

Key features:

- Drag - & - drop message management;

- Fully equipped address book with groups;

- Spell check;

- Email Automation;

- Built-in cache for quick access to the mailbox;

- IMAP management;

- Support for external SMTP server.

Convenient calendar

GARMTECH calendar is easy to manage from any device:

- Schedule: invite colleagues or friends to your calendar, add shared events and meetings;

- Notifications: the calendar notifies you about important events in advance;

- Integration with GARMTECH e-mails: receive and send invitations, notifications and reminders;

- To-do lists: add tasks, manage to-do lists, schedule your tasks;

- Recurring events: You don't have to add the same type of event over and over again, just enter the event once with the required recurrence interval, and you'll be notified regularly;

-  Day overview UI: for efficient planning, the calendar will show the busiest and the most free days in your schedule;

- Scheduling of meetings: taking into account calendars of the participants. Schedule meetings and join events, the calendar will help you to choose a convenient time for all participants.

Convenient task management

Convenient functionality for organizing daily tasks. The task management tool will help you to plan all tasks, set priorities, distribute tasks among employees and monitor their execution.

Intuitive task creation is fast on both computer and mobile devices: to create a task, all you have to do is select person in charge, write down the essence of the task and the task will be ready. The right person will be notified immediately. You will receive a message as soon as the task is completed.

The ability to define task steps will allow you to have complete control over the progress of your work.

Add customer e-mails to tasks. You can reply to the customer from the task. The entire history of the task and the files sent will be stored in one place.

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