• 1-10 clients 8€
  • 10-20 clients 12€
  • 20+ clients 15€
  • 1-10 clients 15€
  • 10-20 clients 18€
  • 20+ clients 21€
  • 1-10 clients 28€
  • 10-20 clients 34€
  • 20+ clients 39€
  • 1-10 clients 25€
  • 10-20 clients 29€
  • 20+ clients 32€
  • 1-10 clients 38€
  • 10-20 clients 45€
  • 20+ clients 50€
  • 1-10 clients 60€
  • 10-20 clients 67€
  • 20+ clients 72€
  • 1-10 clients 99€
  • 10-20 clients 110€
  • 20+ clients 119€

Partneru features

Good additional income

For each new customer we pay you a good commission. The more your customers order hosting from us, the more you earn.

Reasonable marketing support

To attract new customers and increase your commission you will help our banners and text for effective mailings. Use them regularly.

Reliable hosting provider

GARMTECH – is one of the largest hosting companies in Latvia. Over the past 7 years have chosen our services over 5000 clients.

Kā pievienoties?

1. Reģistrējies

Piereģistrējies Garmtech affiliate sistēmai 2 minūtēs

2. Saņem marketinga komplektu

Baneri, teksti un pārdošanas paņēmieni kurus izsūtīt klientiem

3. Sāc pelnīt

Augstākās komisjas Baltijā un 25 euro Tev dāvanā no mums


Imants Losāns

First of all my clients important reliable hosting company, and only then I am interested in my commission. Before you become a partner GARMTECH, I made inquiries about them. The company seemed to me quite robust: there is work experience, good customer feedback, the opinion of management of the company publishes the press and prominent news portals. I made my choice and not a mistake – my customers are happy, and I have a good extra income.

Patīkami bonusi
Jauniem partneriem uzsaucam!

Reģistrējies tagad un saņem dāvanu no mums 25 eur savā kontā uzreiz, un 25 eur par katru piesaistīto draugu* papildus. Komisijas izmaksa notiek katru reizi kad tiks sasniegta summa 100 eiro apmērā tavā komisijas kontā.

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